Dr.Atif Arif, MD

Medical Researcher

Speaker, Health & Wellness

Expert Weight Loss Coach

Dr.Atif attended Windsor University School of Medicine where he earned his doctorate in medicine. Dr.Atif completed his clinical clerkship in Houston, Texas with honors home to the largest medical center in the world. While completing his education and being involved as a team member for patient care, it quickly became evident there are still many obstacles patients face in receiving the care they need. Dr.Atif strives to bridge this gap.  
With his medical knowledge Dr.Atif has been able to contribute to research, peer reviews and as a lecturer. He has also served as a consultant, radio guest, and public speaker.
Dr.Atif knows from first-hand experience of the difficulty that a lot of people face in losing weight and maintaining better health. After losing 50 he has coached others to reach better health and wellness.